NVIDIA's RTX Video Super Resolution Now Supports GeForce RTX 20 Series GPUs

708px rtx 20 series
NVIDIA has introduced an update to its RTX Video Super Resolution feature that enables VSR support on GeForce RTX 20 series GPUs. Labeled VSR 1.5, the new update not only provides additional GPU support, but also incorporates image quality improvements that enhance the upscales's de-artifacting capabilities. The update is now available with NVIDIA's latest 545.84 Game Ready Driver.

RTX Video Super Resolution is an image enhancement tool improves the image quality of 2D videos and streams using NVIDIA's tensor cores. RTX VSR utilizes a deep learning model to accurately upscale and remove artifacts caused by video compression algorithms, ultimately generating a cleaner, more true-to-life image.

With version 1.5, NVIDIA retrained its AI model to more accurately identify subtle details and compression artifacts, leading to a higher-quality image compared to the original version. NVIDIA provided image demonstrations of the new update in action, revealing that the new AI model provides a sharper and crisper image than before, which reveals fine details.

VSR 1 5 update

VSR 1.5 is also able to improve image quality at a video's native resolution. Even at native resolution, videos can still have unwanted artifacts due to high compression at lower bitrates. VSR 1.5 can address this problem as well, similar to how NVIDIA's DLAA technology enhances image quality in games using AI, at native resolution.

With Game Ready Driver v545.84, all of NVIDIA's current RTX graphics cards can now experience these video enhancements. The feature is accessible through the video image settings inside the NVIDIA Control Panel and features a tunable 1-4 slider that changes VSR’s processing behavior. One downside to VSR is that it consumes GPU resources, which will reduce battery life on mobile devices, so best to use it on desktops or laptops when plugged into a wall outlet.