GeForce RTX 3070 With 16GB Of VRAM Breaks Cover At Computex

rtx3070 8 16 gb
Alright, imagine the scenario: you're a small hardware vendor, and you want to drum up some recognition for your brand. One way to do this would be to offer a product nobody else has, and even better would be a unique product that went viral recently, with a lot of people saying they'd like to have such a thing.

Something like a GeForce RTX 3070 with 16GB of video RAM. No such product exists, and NVIDIA would likely never officially approve such a thing. Because of that, the official drivers won't install on such a card, and any of the larger vendors who buy their GPU chips straight from NVIDIA would likely lose that privilege if they constructed such a contraption.

However, smaller vendors like GXore in Taiwan likely aren't buying their GPUs straight from NVIDIA anyway. Instead, they could be purchasing the chips from a third party, or even harvesting them from recycled RTX 3070 GPUs. Whatever the case, it does look like GXore is probably going to offer a GeForce RTX 3070 card with 16GB of video RAM and eight display outputs.

12x display

We say that even though the product hasn't appeared on the company's website because it was observed by Brazilian YouTubers TecLab who are on location at Computex in Taiwan. The short video on the TecLab channel highlights a few products in GXore's booth at the trade show, including a Radeon RX 580 card with no less than twelve display outputs.

Indeed, display walls seem to be the company's forté, as all of the graphics cards on offer (including the mysterious Geforce RTX 3070 16GB) offer loads of display connectivity that you wouldn't usually find on any card. This is similar to what erstwhile GPU developer Matrox does nowadays. That venerable company's cards actually use their own drivers for the Radeon GPUs on which they are based, and it's possible GXore will ship their own-branded drivers as well.

gxore memory
Images in this post: TecLab @ YouTube

Besides graphics cards with comical amounts of I/O, GXore also sells cables, adapters, and system memory, the latter of which was also captured by TecLab. Obviously, we have no idea how much the modified GeForce model will cost, or even if it will be available in any volume, or anywhere outside of Taiwan. We've put in a query to GXore's sales contact e-mail, and will update this post if they reply.