Rockstar Lets The Noogies Fly With Bully: Anniversary Edition For Android And iOS

Rockstar Bully 02
Grand Theft Auto might get the lions share of the attention from Rockstar fans, but the developer has released a few other gems over the years as well, including some that sound downright bizarre at first, but turn out to be quite good. Such as Bully, which has just passed its tenth birthday.

In Bully, you find yourself in the town of Bullworth playing the role of a high school student. It's an open world game (although limited compared to today's open-world epics) that lets you try to progress up the ranks of the school system, and tackle any and all roadblocks that arise.

Rockstar has spruced up the graphics for the Android and iOS versions of the game, and this relatively straight-forward port is of course optimized for touch input. While the game's PS2-esque graphics might not look amazing on the big screen, on a phone or tablet, it could be a real treat.

Speaking of treats, here's some screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect:

Rockstar Bully 01

Rockstar Bully 03

While this game had a bit of a rough start due to everyone thinking it'd be as violent as GTA (San Andreas' Hot Coffee mod came out two years prior), the game ended up getting great reviews from critics all over, and has since become somewhat of a cult classic. It's also available for virtually every current platform, so if mobile isn't your thing, you can also snag it for the PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, or Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This particular version of Bully, though, is available for $7 on both Google's Play Store and Apple's iTunes store.