EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked ACX 3.0 Edition And GTX 1080 SLI Sneak Peek

As much as we’d love to drop everything we're doing and dive in head first with this absolutely HOT piece of hardware that just landed in the lab, there is just too much happening over the next few days with Computex starting, and a handful of high-profile launches to go along with it. In any event, an EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked Edition card with ACX 3.0 cooling just arrived and we had to give you a little taste of what this beast has in store. Prepare to eat your heart out...

evga 1080 sc 3

evga 1080 sc 6

evga 1080 sc 4

evga 1080 sc 5 evga 1080 sc 1 evga 1080 sc 2

The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked is probably the most aggressive-looking card we’ve seen out of EVGA in quite a while. On-board is EVGA’s ACX 3.0 cooling solution, which features dual ball-bearing fans, a huge, dense array of heatsink fins that runs almost the entire length of the card (linked together via heat-pipes), and a full-length backplate, which sports some vented accents.

The fan shroud is reminiscent of previous ACX designs, but with bolted-on metal accents and mesh cutouts throughout. When the card is plugged in and running, white light shines through the front. And long the top, a big “EVGA GeForce GTX 1080” badge also lights-up white by default, though it is customizable via software, while a smaller “SC” badge has green backlighting.

In our early testing, the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked was practically silent – even under load (the fan had a very faint, audible whir when spun up), and temperatures were a non-issue. Under load, the GPU temperature hovered in the high 70’C – 80’C range, a few degrees shy of the default 83’C temperature target. We'll have more details to share regarding speeds and feeds tomorrow (and will update the post).

We have only had the card in-hand for a couple of hours, so testing is by no means complete, but here are some numbers to tide you over...

evga 1080 mordor

evga 1080 3dmark 1

evga 1080 3dm 2

As you can see, the EVGA card is only moderately faster than the Founder's Edition. It's clocks boosted slightly higher during benchmarks. The details from EVGA's own Precision utility show the card's GPU boosting to 1860MHz, with the memory humming along at 5005MHz...

evga details

Since we’ve got a pair of GTX 1080s on hand now, we figured a couple of SLI tests were in order as well…

mordor gtx 1080 sli

geforce gtx 1080 sli 3dmark

geforce gtx 1080 sli 3dmark 2

Please note that the 980 Ti used here was a factory overclocked Asus STRIX card, hence its relatively high performance vs. the Titan X.

Both of these tests were run at 4K resolution, with max image quality settings. Scaling was excellent, though we should point out we did NOT use one of the new high-bandwidth SLI bridges. NVIDIA's drivers didn’t throw any errors, however, and properly identified the system as SLI capable when the second card was installed.

Over the next few days, there is a ton of news set to hit from literally ALL of the major players in the PC space, so stay tuned for much more as Computex kicks off. And once the craziness has subsided, rest assured we’ll be digging into the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked and will have many more GTX 1080 SLI numbers to share.

Update 5/27/2016: Benchmarks from the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC Edition card added.