Roblox Denies Burritos Caused Extended Outage As Frustratingly Flatulent Downtime Ends

roblox chipolte
Roblox took to Twitter to announce that its servers were finally back online everywhere. This followed a long weekend of rumors that the outage was perhaps caused by some gassy side-effect initiated by a free Chipotle "boorito" that players could claim in-game and redeem in real life.

The server issues seemed to begin on October 28th as players began reporting outages across platforms. Roblox confirmed those reports and said it had identified the root cause and was working on a resolution. As of yesterday, Roblox reported on its Twitter feed that all servers were back online, and play should resume as normal. You can hear the collective sigh from parents everywhere.

It did not take long for the internet to grab hold of  the fact that the outage coincided with an offer from Chipotle for a free in-game "boorito" for the first 30,000 players that showed up to its in-game restaurant in a Chipotle-themed virtual costume. As players began to attempt to visit the in-game Chipotle spots, many were stating they were receiving an error code or only getting a $5 off coupon that was meant for those who showed up late. It was thought that too many players were trying to get in on the action and that caused the outage. 
roblox twitter
In a recent post on Roblox's site, it said the outage was caused by a core system in its infrastructure that had become overwhelmed. This caused a small bug in its backed service communications while under the heavy load. Roblox insists that it was not caused by any particular peak in external traffic or particular experience (aka flatulence). Instead the disruption was the result of most services not being able to effectively communicate and deploy. 

Downtime due to system errors and maintenance is nothing new when it comes to gaming. This particular outage, however, may always be seen as Roblox servers becoming over-bloated due to the amount of players trying to digest a free "boorito," and the funky smell behind its server outage. We're just glad that little bit of indigestion is cleared up.