Roblox Servers Crash Hard Sparking Shutdown Rumors But Is A Burrito To Blame?

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Could Roblox, the hit video game that is especially popular with children, be gone for good? The recent Roblox outage has sparked rumors that the game is officially shutting down. However, the truth may be even stranger than fiction. The opening of Chipotle’s in-game store and promise of free burritos to players likely caused the outage.

Roblox has confirmed that it is experiencing a service disruption that is impacting many players. Roblox noted there was an issue yesterday at 7pm EDT. According to its status update website, as of 11:44pm EDT on October 28th, “We [identified] the root cause as [an] internal system issue and [are working] on the fix.” The incident is still active at this time and there has been no update since last night. Players are unable to access Roblox on PC, consoles, and mobile.

It is certainly not uncommon for games to crash and Roblox has reportedly experienced nearly ten major service disruptions already this year. Nevertheless, a rumor has spread that Roblox is gone. Some even claimed that Roblox posted a tweet that has since been deleted supposedly saying it is “shutting down forever.” There is no solid evidence that this tweet existed and Roblox Corporation has made no official statement that we are aware of.

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The lure of a free burrito may actually be the true culprit. Chipotle is offering a free “boorito” to the first 30,000 Roblox players who show up in a Chipotle-themed virtual costume to their in-game restaurant each day. Players are instructed to “check in” at the cash register to receive their free code. This code can then be used to purchase a free burrito in-person until November 14th. Players who show up late will instead receive a $5 off coupon. There are also other activities to entice and entertain players like the Chipotle Boorito Maze where players can win Roblox avatar accessories.

The deal was supposed to run from October 28th to October 31st each day after 6:30pm EDT. It is likely no coincidence that the site went down shortly after the virtual Chipotle “opened.” Some have reported that they either received an error code when they attempted to visit Chipotle’s in-game restaurant or only received a $5 coupon despite logging in at 6:30pm. It is believed that too many players attempted to get in on the action and that this is what caused the outage. At the moment it is unclear when Roblox will be back online and if players will score a free burrito.

Images courtesy of Roblox and Chipotle. 
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