Roblox Cancels Game Awards Over A Potentially Scary Security Issue

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RDC 2023 kicked off on September 8 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, California. The event brings together creators from across the globe to connect with one another and learn about the new and exciting features and products being brought to the game. This year's event, however, was shut down abruptly due to a known security risk.

Roblox sent a tweet confirming the early cancellation of the remaining conference events, which read, "In an abundance of caution, we have decided to cancel the Roblox Innovation Awards due to a potential security concern. We are working with all the appropriate authorities, and everyone is safe. We take safety very seriously." The tweet closed with the company expressing that this was not how it wanted the event to end.

rdc security threat tweet

The incident in question involved Roblox dev Mikhail Olson, also known as Simbuilder. Olson, also known for his Roblox game Vehicle Simulator, faces multiple charges, including "having a concealed firearm in a vehicle." Other charges included having armor-piercing ammunition and a large-capacity magazine. According to San Francisco Sheriff's Office records, Olson was booked into custody at 8:32pm local time on September 9, 2023.

Event attendees did not take long to post images and videos of Olson's arrest on social media. One post from @DevArdwyck shows footage captured by @nin900500 of Olson being taken into custody. Ardwyck stated, "well that was something".

rdc simbuilder arrest tweet

Some reports suggest that Simbuilder was not invited to the event, but that has yet to be confirmed. It is also unclear what led to the dev's arrest, with nothing he had posted to his social media before raising eyebrows.

The RDC event was not without other controversies, as the company announced it envisions players aged 17 and older forming real-life relationships from its in-game dating experience. Many found this disturbing in light of predators allegedly using the platform to engage with underage children.