Rivet Brings Advanced Web Prioritization To MSI And Gigabyte Z170 Motherboards With Killer E2400 NIC

It won't be long (hopefully) before Intel's newly launched Skylake processors for the desktop will find their way onto retail shelves (they're already available through system builders). If you've been waiting for Skylake, you'll soon be able to proceed with your new build. In the meantime, you can get started with other parts, including the motherboard, some of which sport Rivet Network's all-new Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

Rivet's new flagship controller introduces something called "Advanced Stream Detect 2.0," which is a collection of technologies and algorithms designed for superior network data detection and network optimizations. The E2400 automatically detects and prioritizes specific website traffic in addition to networked applications and games, giving it two more network priority levels.

Killer E2400

"By providing two additional network priority levels, Killer E2400 gives users six levels of prioritization to take full advantage of enhanced application and website detection," Rivet explains. "The adapter delivers industry-leading latency performance, outperforming the competition by up to 50 percent during single application usage and up to 10x faster when multitasking, offering more powerful network control, improved latency, reduced jitter and virtually eliminates video freezes so users can play, watch and stream games all at the same time."

You can also expect less lag and latency to improve online gaming and deliver smoother HD videos. If performance still isn't where it should be, you can use the included "Visual Bandwidth Control" software to see which applications and websites are being bandwidth hogs, and then adjust priorities and set bandwidth limits so that mundane tasks don't interfere with what you're doing.

Rivet is launching its new Killer E2400 in partnership with MSI and Gigabyte, which will plop the controller on several Z170-chipset motherboards, including the Z170A GAMING M9 ACK (MSI), X99A GODLIKE GAMING (MSI), Z170X-Gaming 7 (Gigabyte), and Z170X-Gaming GT (Gigabyte).