Ring’s New Battery Doorbell Pro Uses 3D Radar Motion Detection For More Accurate Alerts

hero ring battery doorbell pro
Ring has announced its latest battery-powered doorbell camera, the Battery Doorbell Pro. The new doorbell is touted to deliver head-to-toe HD+ video, and super-precise radar-powered 3D Motion Detection.

The company is billing its Battery Doorbell Pro as its “most advanced battery doorbell yet,” as well as being one of the “most compelling devices” Ring offers. This is in large part because of radar-powered 3D Motion Detection, which Ring says makes features like Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View even more effective.

ring battery doorbell pro radar image

3D Motion Detection allows users to pinpoint and send an alert when their doorbell detects movement in an exact position. This means a dog crossing through a yard, or a neighbor walking along the sidewalk shouldn't set off a false alarm. The Battery Doorbell Pro is also equipped with 1536p HD+ video, Audio+, and Quick Replies.

Ring says that the available 1536p HD+ video is made even better because of the lens, which is actively aligned with Ring’s premium imaging sensors for “crisp video definition.” Together with the Dynamic Image processing and high-efficiency compression, the video should deliver “life-like color and sharpness” whether watching a live feed, or video recorded the night before.

The new Battery Doorbell Pro is also said to work seamlessly with other Ring devices, allowing customers to integrate it into a whole-home system by pairing it with a Stick Up Cam Pro, or by adding Ring Alarm Pro for 24/7 Backup Internet. By subscribing to a Ring Protect Plan, customers can take advantage of features like cloud storage, person and package alerts, rich notifications, and Modes.

The new Battery Doorbell Pro from Ring is available for preorder for $229.99, and will begin being shipped to customers March 6, 2024.

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