RIAA Wins Unhackable Website Award

We made that up. It's not a real award. But the RIAA has a webpage, written as if they were addressing Special Olympians, that explains how marvelous, hardworking and underpaid rock stars and record company executives are, and explains that the real price you  should be paying for a Celine Dion CD is $33.86 -- and I can't believe there is a webmaster skilled enough to keep this thing on the internet.

In a USA Today article entitled, "Spending a Fortune for Fun: The cost of entertainment is rising along with our willingness to pay it ," the reporter observes, "though some factions of the industry see price resistance -- CD prices are relatively low and home videos rentals are still a bargain -- consumers don't seem to balk at the rising price of fun in this strong, family-friendly economy." The prices of other forms of entertainment have risen, on average, more rapidly than has music or consumer prices, with most admission prices for other forms of entertainment having increased more than 90% between 1983 and 1996. By all measures, when you consider how long people have the music and how often they can go back and get "re-entertained" CDs truly are an incredible value for the money.
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