Revolutionary New 'Cockpit' for UAVs?

Revolutionary New 'Cockpit' for UAVs dramatically improves operator performance

November 2, 2006 Raytheon has unveiled what it calls its Universal Control System (UCS) - a first of its kind unmanned aerial system (UAS) "cockpit" that revolutionizes operator awareness and efficiency, while providing the ability to control multiple unmanned aircraft, reduce potential accidents, improve training, and decrease costs. The announcement was made during the Shephard UV North America 2006 conference in Tysons Corner, Va.  READ MORE...

Commentary:  I have always been a fan of technology and in fact love the idea of UAV's.  The idea of being able to fly an aircraft in a remote section of the world while sitting here in the states is incredible.  Now, I may not be a military expert or anything, but I do know a thing or two about computer and gaming hardware.  Take a look at this photograph supplied in the article. Notice anything, well, familiar? Since when is a Logitech G15 keyboard or Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS system considered revolutionary by suppliers to the US military?  What I read in that release was "blah, blah, ultimate gaming system, blah blah, we can charge the military millions of $ for it." Something tells me this same MSRP $99.99 G15 we buy provided by Ratheon will cost about $1400 to the military and to tax payers.  Remember the $1000 hammer?  

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