Retailers Talk About Vista Launch Plans

In a weeks time, the highly anticipated release of the next version of Windows will be here. Windows Vista is the latest major overhaul of Microsoft's operating system since Windows 2000/XP, and with a revamped graphics system and security improvements, you can bet some people just can't wait to get their hands on it. Retailers understand this, however as CNET reports, many retailers won't be staying open late for the new software.

"Releases of new operating systems may not have quite the same appeal as in years past, but Microsoft has a couple of things going for it this time around. First of all, a new version of Office--Office 2007--is being released at the same time. Also, Vista is hitting store shelves at the same time it lands on new PCs. With Windows XP, the operating system started showing up on PCs in September 2001, while the formal retail launch didn't occur until October. Microsoft did start selling Vista and Office 2007 to large businesses in November."
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