Report Suggests Google Is Working On a Smartwatch Too

Rumors (and confirmations) about smartwatches continue to pile up, and the latest scuttlebutt surrounds Google. A “person briefed on the subject” told the Financial Times that Google is indeed working on its own smartwatch, which aligns with suspicions about such a device after a telling Google patent filing last year.

It’s notable that unlike Google’s other wearable device, Google Glass, the smartwatch is not being developed by the Project X lab; instead, it’s reportedly under the jurisdiction of the Android folks.

Pebble smartwatch
The Pebble Smartwatch, i.e., competition

That’s perhaps a little disappointing, because if it was a Project X endeavor, the smartwatch would probably be something totally new and amazing; instead, it will be something that acts as an extension to and control for your Android smartphone, which is still interesting, but not as scintillating. It’s also worth noting that a Google smartwatch would be a direct competitor to Pebble, which itself works with Android.

Google did not comment on the rumor, but at this point, it would actually make less sense if Google wasn’t working on a smartwatch.