Report: iPad mini Gets its Own October Event, iPhone to Debut Alone in September

The rumors have been flying around so much lately that it’s easy to forget that nothing is set in stone yet--the iPhone 5 September event is unconfirmed, and it’s not yet entirely clear if Apple is actually making a smaller version of the iPad--but there sure are lots of sources telling news outlets lots of similar things.

According to AllThingsD, several sources have indicated that the iPad mini will indeed be announced this fall, and it will be at its own event in October. Previous reports indicated that the iPhone 5 (plus any other fun new products or upgrades Apple has cooked up) and the iPad mini would both see the light of day for the time at an event on September 12th.

iPhones and iPad

Really, having two events a month apart is smart; that allows Apple to fan the flames of love for two highly- anticipated product launches at different times yet holding consumer attention for weeks and weeks. This way, the iPhone won’t steal the spotlight from the iPad mini, and vice versa.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Apple, which is also part of the Cupertino PR machine strategy.