Report: Intel Pushes Ivy Bridge From April To June

Looks like the Ivy Bridge won't be completed as early as construction workers thought. DOT jokes aside, Intel's next-gen microprocessor range will reportedly be pushed back "eight to ten weeks later than planned," according to Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China. The news comes courtesy of the Financial Times. Mr. Maloney stated that the 22nm CPU (which is set to take the place of Sandy Bridge) had seen its start date pushed back until June. The exact quote? "I think maybe it's June now," not April.

Not a huge difference, but one that will certainly hit investors and consumers who were waiting it out. The reasons weren't surrounding a lack of demand, but rather a new manufacturing process that is evidently harder than expected to hammer down. Of course, the company should still hit their Q2 shipment goals, albeit a little later in the quarter.