Refurbished Steam Decks Hit The Steam Store With Big Triple-Digit Discounts

hero valve steam deck refurbished
Valve has added refurbished Steam Decks to its Steam Store, offering triple-digit savings over a new handheld. The company says that all certified refurbished Steam Decks have been thoroughly tested to meet the same high standards as its retail units.

Many gamers have enjoyed being able to game on the go via a Steam Deck since its launch. Those who have taken the plunge with a Steam Deck are able to view their entire Steam library, with a compatibility rating of each game as it pertains to the handheld device. But the high cost of purchasing a new mobile handheld has kept others from diving in. Now, Valve is offering certified refurbished models that might make the cost of buying one a bit more palatable.

Valve says that every refurbished unit "goes through a complete factory reset, software update, and an extensive examination involving over 100 tests at one of Valve's facilities." Tests include controller inputs, audio system, screen, and internal components. The battery is also tested in order to determine if it is functioning properly and its longevity. Each device meets or exceeds the performance standards of the company's new retail units.

refurbished steam deck pricing

Pricing for the refurbished units comes at up to 20% savings over a new retail unit. The 64GB option comes in at $319, a savings of $80. The 256GB variant has a price tag of $419, a savings of $110, and the 512GB version is selling for $519, which will save the buyer a whopping $130 over purchasing a new unit.

Along with the savings, buyers will be given the same one-year warranty as a new Steam Deck, as well as a refurbished power supply that has undergone testing but might still have minor cosmetic marks. The package will also ship with a carrying case and a Quick Start guide.

Those looking for a refurbished unit can also check with their local GameStop. The retail store is selling its own refurbished models to its Pro members at select locations.

Anyone who is not familiar with all the specs of a Steam Deck can head to the Steam Store for more information, as well as for making a purchase of one of the refurbished units.