Redmi’s Smart TV Max 90 Breaks Cover With 90 Inches Of 4K 144Hz Love

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The Redmi Smart TV Max 90 is packed with features that will immerse viewers and gamers alike, with a 90-inch 4K display with a 144Hz refresh rate. One of the features gamers will appreciate is AMD FreeSync Premium support as well.

TVs have been growing in features, resolution, and in size in recent years. With that in mind, there are plenty of gamers who do not like the confines of a desktop monitor and opt for a larger TV. TV makers have taken notice, and have been delivering larger, faster, and more feature-packed televisions in response. The Redmi Smart TV Max 90 is a perfect example of that innovation.

One of the features that gamers will appreciate, outside of the huge screen, is AMD FreeSync Premium, which will allow users to connect game consoles and PCs via HDMI 2.1 and USB 3.0 ports. If you need to connect wirelessly, Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6 connections are also available. To top all that off, a user can also control the TV and other linked smart home devices using Xiao AI voice commands.

redmi smart tv features

In terms of processing power, the Redmi Smart Max houses a quad-core A73 processor with 3+32GB storage. It also includes two built-in 15W speakers that are compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies.

The Redmi Smart TV Max 90 is currently available for pre-order in China for 7,999 yuan (~ $1,156 USD) with a 100 yuan ($14) deposit. The TV is expected to retail for 8,999 yuan ($1,300) in the future. At this time, however, it is not clear whether the TV will make it outside of China.

If you happen to live outside of China and are looking for a large gaming TV, the Vizio 75-inch P-Series could be what you are looking for. The 4K QLED HDR TV comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, super motion clarity, has a dedicated gaming menu, and is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home for voice control and smart home integration. The Vizio 75-inch P-Series is currently available for $1,138.10.

It is exciting to see TVs like the Redmi Smart TV Max 90 becoming more gamer-centric. Whether you are a console gamer, PC gamer, or mobile gamer, the screen size options are getting larger, faster, and more powerful.