BenQ Outs A Pair Of 27-Inch 240Hz FreeSync Premium Monitors For Fast And Smooth Gaming

benq 240hz monitors
BenQ announced the launch of a set of super-fast 27" gaming monitors yesterday, the first 240Hz monitors in its MOBIUZ lineup. The two monitors are packed with premium features and FreeSync Premium.

BenQ is well-known for its superb monitors. Gamers and content creators have been choosing the brand because of its high-quality displays for quite some time. Back in September, the company unveiled a pair of 27" 240Hz monitors at Pax West. Now, the dynamic duo of monitors has been released, and they are available to order now.

The EX270M is an FHD 1080p monitor that covers 99% sRGB color space and comes with AMD FreeSync Premium. The EX270QM has a 2560 x 1440 16:9 IPS monitor and comes with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro. The QHD monitor boasts 98% P3 and 1.07 billion color hues.

benq ips monitors

Both monitors come with BenQ's exclusive HDRi technology. This tech gives gamers an immersive experience with customized color performance and high contrast that results in intense, yet clear images.

Also included with both monitors is Light Tuner. This technology has twenty levels of intensity to select from, allowing you to adjust to the perfect level of light and darkness, allowing the user the ability to see hidden enemies more clearly. Combined with the Black eQualizer, which balances contrast to make sure dark levels are not too intense, gamers are given all the details in order to crush the competition.

If audio awareness is important to you, then do not worry because both monitors come with 2.1-ch sound including a 5W subwoofer. The spatial sound produces an immersive experience, allowing the user to get rid of the headset. Each monitor has five audio modes, such as FPS, Racing, Pop/Live, Cinema, and sports games.

If you find yourself wanting to order one of these new monitors from BenQ, you can do so now on BenQ's website. The EX270M is priced at $399.99, while the EX270QM comes in at $799.99.