RED’s Mythical Hydrogen One Holographic Phone To Debut On AT&T And Verizon This Summer

red hydrogen one
It’s been nearly a year since RED announced its Hydrogen One Android smartphone, which sets itself apart from a crowded smartphone field with a holographic display. The smartphone was originally supposed to ship during the first quarter of 2018, but we’re now learning that it will actually arrive this summer.

Both Verizon Wireless and AT&T, the #1 and #2 wireless carriers in the United States, today announced that they will carry the RED Hydrogen One. “This revolutionary smartphone will provide you with significant advancements in the way you create and view content on the leading network for entertainment,” said Kevin Petersen, AT&T SVP for Device and Network Services Marketing. “When the RED Hydrogen One launches you’ll be able to look around, below and into your screen’s image with a 4-view holographic display, which is even better than 3D.”

“RED Hydrogen One was designed with cutting-edge technology that simply can't be described -- you have to hold it in your hands and experience it yourself to understand why this is such a mobile game changer,” added Brian Higgins, Verizon VP for device and consumer product marketing. “A phone like this deserves the best network in the country, which is why we can’t wait to bring it to Verizon customers later this year.”

red hydrogen one 2

Even though America’s top two wireless carriers are throwing their support behind the handset, we’re still somewhat apprehensive about its prospects. If you thought that the iPhone X was expensive, the Hydrogen One will be priced at $1,195 for the “base” aluminum-bodied version and will jump to $1,595 for the version with a titanium body. At the heart of the smartphone is last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and it will ship with a beefy 4,500 mAh battery. Other features include support for modular accessories (via a pogo pin system) and multi-channel spatial audio. Yes, the Hydrogen One features a 3.5mm headphone jack and will include two SIM slots.

However, its star feature will no doubt be the 5.7-inch (2560x1440) four-view holographic display. "In 4V mode (holographic), the screen dims a bit and out pops a 'better than 3D' image… no glasses needed,” writes RED. “There is no way to describe this. You just have to see it. So far, everyone that has seen it gasps, swears or just grins. I wish we had recorded all the reactions. Priceless."

For those that can’t wait until the summer to get their hands on the mysterious smartphone, AT&T will offer a limited time public preview of the device at AT&T Shape in Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, California. The exhibit will run from June 2nd through June 3rd and you can register for the event here.