Recording Engineer Develops Everlasting Glass CD

This one might bring a whole new meaning to one of my favorite discs of all time, Jimi Hendrix's "Smash Hits"...

"Information on the glass CD is read by laser. Because existing plastic CDs are not completely transparent, information on them cannot be read perfectly. They are also susceptible to bending or warping if left in sunlight or humid areas, which leads to sound distortion.

As glass CDs are completely transparent, information on them can be read perfectly, improving sound quality. They are not affected by heat or humidity and remain in perfect condition forever."

Yeah, except when my 6 year-old decides she's going to play frisbee with that sucker.  Then it's look out Kukui-san!  Incoming!  Shards of Glass... I think that was a lame 80's hair band wasn't it?