Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire Pick Out Drapes Together For The Death Star

Microsoft and Novell have announced a truce in their ongoing war over Windows based proprietary and Linux open source compatability:

Large businesses and organizations typically have complicated computer systems that run both open-source software, such as Linux, and closed- or proprietary-source software from Microsoft. Now, said Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, the agreements his company reached with Novell will "bridge the divide" between open source and Microsoft's Windows. For some time, Microsoft has been taking steps toward détente with the open-source community, which is centered on the free operating system Linux. But this latest move to cooperate with a longtime rival on intellectual property, technology development, sales and support for open source marked a milestone many analysts viewed as improbable.

Death Star

The agreement means the hatchets get buried for a period of six years. I bet they both remember where they buried them. Just in case.

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