Real Life Grand Theft Auto Footage Will Leave You In Stitches

The locations in Grand Theft Auto V may resemble real life locales, such as Los Angeles (Los Santos), Venice Beach (Vespucci Beach), and Griffith Observatory (Galileo Observatory), but the illegal shenanigans that take place in the game have no place in the real world. Nevertheless, if you've ever wondered what it would be like to treat the real world like a video game, a video by Corridor Digital shows you just how absurd that notion is.

Dubbed "Real GTA," the video follows an actor through GTA V-like scenes based on the game's real-world counterparts. He performs a number of crimes throughout the nearly three and a half minute video, such as punching the lights out of random bystanders, who in turn fall to the ground while piles of money come flying out.

Real GTA

The reactions to the real-world mayhem is both absurd and hilarious. It's absurd because the characters react just as they do in the video game -- when he yanks a woman out of a stopped car and proceeds to steal it, she doesn't scream for help or take off running, but exclaims "What!?" before rushing back to the driver-side door in a failed attempt to reclaim her vehicle.

There's obviously a dark side to what's taking place here. You're following the exploits of a callous criminal who shows no emotion while committing acts of violence, including running people over and shooting what are presumed to be gang members. And this is a real person, not a pixelated character. Some won't find any humor in the video, though I'd argue they're missing the point.

Whether intentional or not, there's a message here, one that tells the people to lighten up about in-game violence. Rockstar's GTA games always cause a ruckus among those who oppose virtual violence and continue to believe that it leads to real-world crimes, despite studies that say otherwise. Mimicking GTA V scenes with real world environments and people, goofy reactions and all, shows how silly it is to take a video game too seriously. Just ask this group of senior citizens.

Or maybe I'm reading into this too deeply. Either way, kudos to Corridor Digital for yet another entertaining video. It's one of many, and if you enjoy this sort of thing, you should check out his YouTube channel for more.