Watch Senior Citizens Have A Hoot Playing Grand Theft Auto V For The First Time

Ever wondered what would happen if a group of senior citizens sat down for a spell to play Grand Theft Auto V? Wonder know more, because the folks who run the REACT channel on YouTube did exactly that, though instead of throwing their controllers down in disgust over the in-game violence and various illegal activities, they enjoyed themselves. Immensely.

Each senior citizen was given 30 minutes of play time in GTA V's open world. They weren't given any information other than basic controls. Other than that, it was up to them to explore the environment and play the game however they wish.

Early on, we see them each struggle to maintain control of their vehicles. We also see them follow the rules of the road, like stopping at Stop signs and waiting for red lights to turn green before crossing an intersection. However, it doesn't take long for the mayhem to begin.

GTA V Senior

At around the 3:20 mark, one gentlemen figures out how to rip a driver out of a car so that you can steal his vehicle. As he does this, the in-game character says, "I'm going to be using your car" as he tosses an unsuspecting driver into the road.

"Yeah I am!," the gentlemen controlling the action gleefully exclaims. "Who da man!... You can do whatever you want in this game!"

Senior Playing GTA V

There are plenty of moments like these -- virtual crimes that would land you jail in the real world -- that elicit laughter and hilarious reactions from the senior citizens controlling the action. Some moments are more innocent, such as riding a roller coaster in at the pier, and the reactions aren't always positive.

"Oh jeez, that's expressive language," one of the seniors says when Michael curses while playing tennis.

This is a video that's gone viral, racking up over 4.7 million video views in three days. And with good reason -- it's oddly entertaining to watch seniors gun down innocent pixels and then laugh heartily about it. But beyond the viral aspect, the video underscores the hypocritical attitude towards games like GTA V. As most of the seniors in the video found out, games like GTA V don't make you want to go out and commit real crimes, they're just fun.

"This is fun, I don't know why," one of the seniors says. "I'm loathe to admit it, but it's actually fun - it's very fun to do naughty things," another proclaims.

We agree, and if you want to know more of what we think about GTA V, check out our review.