RD600 Chipset In October?

Despite rumors last week that motherboard manufacturers were shunning the RD600 chipset for fear of some sort of backlash from Intel, ATI is claiming the Conroe-Compatible RD600 chipset will roll-out as planned next month.  According to the story on Digitimes, however, ATI's bus license only allows for official support of 1066MHz and lower bus speed, which could limit the chipset's long-term appeal as Intel has plans to introduce a 1,333MHz FSB during the first half of next year.

"ATI Technologies, set to be acquired by AMD, has rescheduled the launch of its RD600 chipset supporting the Intel platform until October, with motherboard makers showing reluctance to roll out products based on the new chipset, according to sources. Prior to AMD and ATI's merger announcement in July, motherboard makers had shown considerable interest in supporting the RD600, which originally had been scheduled for launch in August, sources at motherboard makers said. But since the announcement of the acquisition, motherboard makers are worried that AMD may discontinue or reduce the supply of RD600 and other ATI chipsets for the Intel platform, the sources commented."
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