Razr2 Carriers Announced

Today Motorola announced which carriers would be debuting the Razr2 when it launches at the end of summer - and it seems like it's hitting almost all of them.  For GSM, Cingular will be carrying the Razr2 V9; for CMDA, Alltel, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless will be the carriers of the V9m.  T-Mobile: no such luck, mostly due to the carrier's lack of 3G.  It's possible, however, though pure speculation, that they will get the GSM Razr2 V8.
Besides being marginally thinner and more streamlined, the phones offer steel and hardened glass casings; large, higher-resolution displays; and onscreen touch controls with tactile feedback. Carriers were given a lot of freedom as to the design of their phones. They could change the appearance of the external displays and alter which touch controls they wanted to show on the screen. Colors also vary among the carriers. Sprint and Alltel come in dark pearl grey, AT&T's phone is mahogany, and Verizon chose the espresso model.

Features are the same on all versions. You'll find a 2-megapixel camera, full Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, 3G support, video conferencing, a full HTML browser, Windows Media Player 11 with PC syncing, a 500Mhz processor, USB 2.0, and "CrystalTalk" voice technology that will adjust the volume automatically based on ambient noise.
It's no secret that Motorola's consumer phone fortunes have been lagging; one need only look at the quarterly results from Motorola and Nokia to see that.  Will this revive their marketshare?  Many are impressed by the new phone, but only time will tell.
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