Razer Unveils Viper V3 Pro Gaming Mouse For Esports Domination

Viper V3 Pro 1
Any mouse will do if you're just pointing and clicking around the internet or toiling in Excel, but gamers demand more. Sometimes, they demand a lot more. Enter Razer and the new Viper V3 Pro. This mouse represents a major upgrade over the previous V2 edition in both features and included accessories. It's not cheap, though, at a whopping $160.

The Razer Viper V3 Pro is designed with competitive gaming in mind. It weighs just 54 grams, which is an improvement over the V2, and almost as light as the wacky Viper Mini Signature. It includes Razer's latest 35,000 DPI optical sensor too, which is a bit more precise than the 30K sensor on the V2.

Razer's new mouse also supports Razer 8K "HyperPolling" for faster response, and you can adjust it in 1 Hz increments. The Viper V2 also supported that technology, but it didn't come with the necessary USB dongle—that was a $30 add-on. The chunky HyperPolling dongle comes with the Viper V3. Keep in mind, using the full 8K polling mode will drain the battery faster. The 8K polling mode will drain the battery in 17 hours, but it manages 95 hours if you drop it to 1K. When it is time to recharge, the Viper V3 Pro has a standard USB-C port on the front.

Viper V3 Pro 2

Switching to the Viper V3 Pro should be a breeze, even for extremely picky gamers. There's a new Sensitivity Matcher in the Synapse software, allowing you to move your old and new mice at the same time to instantly copy the DPI settings, so the Viper V3 will have the same movement sensitivity. The mouse also includes new oversized feet on the bottom for smoother sliding, and there are some ergonomic improvements like a "ring finger ledge" and refined side button placement. Razer also says the Viper V3 Pro includes its latest 3rd gen optical switches, which are rated for 90 million clicks.

The Razer Viper V3 Pro is clearly overflowing with high-end hardware, but one thing you won't see is RGB lighting. Unlike most devices in Razer's lineup, this mouse prioritizes battery and weight, so the company skipped its usual Chrome illumination. If that sounds like the right mouse for your gaming endeavors, you can pick up the Razer Viper V3 Pro today for $159.99 in black or white, but the white model weighs one gram more than the black one.
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