Razer Tempts With StarCraft II-Themed Gaming Accessories

StarCraft II may be looking at a faraway 2010 release, but that's not stopping accessory makers from cashing in on the hype. Just weeks after we saw StarCraft II gaming surfaces, um, surface, Razer has now teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment in order to push out its own line of game-themed peripherals.

Razer has conjured up a tournament-grade mouse, keyboard and headset specifically designed to maximize the StarCraft II gameplay experience, with Razer's own president proclaiming that he is "extremely excited to be working with Blizzard Entertainment on the StarCraft II gaming peripherals and gear." The first Razer StarCraft II tournament level gaming peripherals are poised to make some serious waves in the RTS category, with the new line of professional gaming peripherals being engineered and designed from the ground up with unique exclusive features to cater to the StarCraft II community.

In addition to the co-development of Razer StarCraft II gaming peripherals, Razer will also design an exclusive StarCraft II messenger bag, backpack, and E-Sport Pro Gamer Case, and the company will showcase the StarCraft II messenger bag at--where else?--the upcoming BlizzCon expo in California. A teaser page shows that possibility of a StarCraft II-centric gaming mouse, keyboard and headset in the works, and for those that have already waited a decade for this title to ship, we'd say the excitement is palpable.