Razer Ships Hydra Motion Controllers Alongside Portal 2

Razer's more typical controllers are easy to describe: mice, keyboards and joysticks usually comprise the company's line. But the Hydra is something entirely different. It's a new set of motion sensing controllers, and while they were announced first a few months back, they're just now being put on sale. Naturally, the timing here is perfectly place; they'll be available as a standalone product or alongside Portal 2, which is storming the digital shelves right now.

Razer worked closely with Valve and Sixense to build these, particularly the exclusive Portal 2 content that showcases the power of motion controls. The full version of the game plus the exclusive Portal 2 content will be available in a special edition bundle with the Razer Hydra. It's a somewhat familiar concept by this point; the Wii and Kinect have people "understanding" the concept of using motion controls, but these utilize one-to-one tracking for enhanced precision.

Outside of Portal 2, the Hydra is compatible with over 125 games (and growing), and they are being called a first of their kind in the PC gaming realm. The Hydra + Portal 2 bundle will sell for $139.99, with pre-orders starting in May (and shipments in June).