Raspberry Pi-Powered Sensor Scans Your Ankles To Predict Potential Cardiac Events

raspberry pi heart monitor 1

A myriad of devices are powered by processors or SoCs featuring ARM technology. From your smartphone or smartwatch, to your router or media streamer -- and a multitude of devices in between -- odds are that an ARM-based processor has some sort of impact on your daily life. While out covering ARM TechCon, which is currently underway in Santa Clara, we got a glimpse of a device being built by Heartfelt Technologies leveraging ARM processors by way of the popular Raspberry Pi, that could actually end up saving your life.

The device is wall-mounted camera system for in-home patient monitoring, which captures cardiovascular information whenever a patient walks past. The camera system specifically looks at the patient’s lower extremities and ankles as they walk by and can predict a potential cardiac event based on the data it captures.

raspberry pi heart monitor 2

The prototype device is built using an array of off-the-shelf components. In the picture of the device opened up, you can see multiple Raspberry Pi boards inside, along with boards attached to the various cameras and sensors. They are all connected to a shared WD storage device, a USB dongle for wireless connectivity, and a simple network switch. Each camera/sensor array appears to have its own dedicated Pi, and the data captured is compiled on the storage device and ultimately sent up to the cloud for analysis. Once the data is processed, high-risk patients can be flagged, identified, and medical professionals can be alerted to take the necessary action.

One of Heartfelt Technologies’ goals is to reduce hospital re-admission rates for congestive heart failure patients. According to the company’s website, one in five people will suffer from heart failure, and half of those affected will have multiple hospital emergency room visits as a result. However, it is estimated that 75% of these repeat emergency room visits could be avoided, which would save everyone involved time and money.