Raspberry Pi PC DOS Emulator Released

So far, the tiny and inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer has been about as successful as anyone could have hoped for. More than a million units have been sold so far, there’s a dedicated app store, and hobbyists and developers have been making and porting games and the like. The latest fun consists of a DOS emulator for the Raspberry Pi that enables you to play older PC games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Little Big Adventure, and more.

Raspberry Pi emulator

Coder Patrick Alto based the emulator on one he built for the Nintendo DS, and the latest release offers fixes including better support for USB devices such as keyboards and two-button mice. He further says that the current status of the build is as follows:

-CPU: 80486 processor, including the protected mode features (for running DOS4GW games) but without virtual memory support. The emulation runs at a speed of around 20MHz 80486 (which equals a 40MHz 80386) machine.
-Memory: 640KB of low memory, 4MB of EMS memory and 16MB of XMS memory.
-Super-VGA graphics, with a maximum resolution of 640x480 with 256 colors.
-SoundBlaster 2.0 (including AdLib-compatible FM sounds) sound card.
-US keyboard.
-Two-button mouse.

Raspberry Pi emulator
Little Big Adventure screenshot
He also offered up some screenshots to show the Raspberry Pi’s performance and one game he ran. If you want to take the emulator for a spin on your own, you can download it here.