Behold The Raspberry Pi MixMakr Bot That Fixes Your Favorite COVID-19 Stay Home Cocktails

mixmakr build 1 bottle

We've seen several cool projects during the coronavirus pandemic that people have designed using the Raspberry Pi platform. Over on reddit, another very cool project has turned up from someone going by balmy-summer, and the project is called the Pi MixMakr. The project has five bottles of liquor on top along with five dispensers inside the cabinet. The drink glass is set on a sliding platform that moves under the bottles to mix a cocktail and inject cola or other flavorings as desired.

mixmakr taps

The whole point of the machine is to mix a drink without the drinker actually having to do it themselves. The parts list for the project includes:

  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • FSR406 (FSR sensor, checks glass is on platform)
  • 5 reedcontacts for position of platform
  • 4 sode pumps 12V
  • MG996R servo motor
  • Nema 17 Stepper Motor
  • DRV8825 stepper motor driver
  • MEAN WELL RS-75-12 AC to DC (230V to 12V)
  • NeoPixel Ring - 16 x WS2812 5050 RGB LED
mixmakr backside

The builder does speak a little bit about the capability of the machine, and the website where you can order drinks. The builder says that a drink consists of multiple ingredients, with every ingredient having its location and stock quantity stored in the database. A Python app fetches the order from the Laravel API that the website is built with and processes it. The app has threads for reading all of the sensors used in the build of the MixMakr device.

mixmakr bar

Those wanting to build their own version of the MixMakr can get the code required on Github. The builders also shared several photos of the build process for the cabinet that can be used to craft the bartending robot. Some very cool Raspberry Pi projects have surfaced during the coronavirus pandemic as demand for the little developer boards has boomed. We've seen the Pi used in projects as varied as the brain of a ventilator in South America to being used in a DIY Nerf RC car. For more liquor-fueled enthusiast action, don't forget to check out this wild custom PC that we covered earlier this year.