Rambus Ships Over 100 Million XDR DRAM Modules

We can't say for certain, but it sure feels like Rambus is doing its best to redirect attention away from its recent legal tussle with NVIDIA and onto more, shall we say, positive matters. Just a day after NVIDIA made clear that Rambus had withdrawn its complaints in court, the California-based memory maker announced that it had shipped over 100 million of its XDR DRAM modules worldwide.

We aren't mathematicians by trade, but 100 million sure isn't anything to scoff at. The company's obviously not satisfied with such a figure, however, as just recently we learned that it was toiling away in an attempt to move DDR3 RAM beyond the 3200Mbps threshold. While you sit back and offer a round of congratulations to Rambus, here's a few pointers on what has kept the stuff so darn popular:

  • XDR DRAM is a high-performance memory that turbo-charges standard CMOS DRAM cores with a high-speed interface capable of 7.2Gbps data rates providing up to 28.8GB/s of bandwidth with a single DRAM device.
  • XIO controller IO cell provides the same high-speed signaling capability found on the DRAM, but adds additional enhancements like FlexPhase™ technology that eliminates the need for trace length matching.
  • XMC memory controller is a fully synthesizable logical memory controller that is optimized to take advantage of innovations like Dynamic Point-to-Point which provides for capacity expansion while delivering the signal integrity benefits of point-to-point signaling.
  • XCG clock generator provides the system clocks with four programmable outputs and is guaranteed to meet the clocking requirements for the XIO and XDR DRAM devices.

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