Here’s How To Grab A Rainbow Six Siege Holiday Pack With Free Loot

rainbow6 siege

Christmas is almost here, and game publishers and developers have been gifting gamers with some free loot in their favorite games. The latest game to give gamers free loot is Rainbow Six Siege. Players of this game will get one free operator from Year 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the seasonal updates.

The coolest part of it is that the operator will be one you don't already own from those seasons. The latest operators, the Indian and Kenyan ones, are included in the free offer. The operator is random, so players can't choose who they get.

Taking advantage of the free operator requires players to go to the Alpha Packs section of the game. Players on all platforms will find a special Holiday 2019 Pack waiting for them. When the pack is opened, one of the operators will be gifted. If you already have all the operators, you aren't out of luck. Those who have all operators will be gifted exclusive holiday festivities-themed items for the shield operator Montagne.

It's unclear how long the free operator packs will be given; fans of the game should hop in and grab their freebie while they can. Reports indicate if the promotion doesn't appear at first, relaunching the game can fix the issue. A free operator in Rainbow Six Siege is nice, but Fortnite went all out for its holiday Winterfest festivities. It's giving players multiple gifts they can hop in and open each day. Players can also complete holiday-themed quests for more rewards.