RaidMax X1 ATX Gaming Case, AOpen Nouveau B-350B Case

It's the middle of September, and as just about every HL2 fan knows, the Lost Coast and Day of Defeat: Source is almost upon us! With DOD:S scheduled to be released on 9/26(pre-loading has already started), and Lost Coast close behind, Ars Technica has taken a trip to Valve's office to ask some questions and get a preview of some great new technology called HDR. If you didn't purchase the HL2 silver or gold packages, fear not! Valve is releasing DOD:S as a stand alone package going for $20. Goodnight all!

Destroy Your Computer in 7 Easy Steps @ PCMech

"Most of us, at one point or another, have had to modify the insides of our computers. Whether it was adding a new memory stick, fixing a cable, or even more advanced stuff like actually building the computer. Every time you open your computer case, new risks arise. There is always the danger of you doing something wrong (knowingly or unknowingly) that can cause major, and usually permanent, damage to the computer."

Interview with Rickford Grant, Author of "Linux Made Easy" @ XYZ Computing

"We recently conducted with Rickford Grant, the author of "Linux for Non-Geeks" and "Linux Made Easy". His new book is based on Xandros 3 and is said to be a excellent resource for 'the less technically inclined to get up and running quickly and easily on Linux'. I had the chance to ask him a few questions in order to get a feel for his stance on some pertinent issues..."

RaidMax X1 ATX Gaming Case @ BigBruin

"Raidmax continues to impress by offering unique, high quality items at a reasonable price. The Raidmax X1 case is no different... The X1 isn't as flashy as some of the recent "gaming" cases, but does retain enough of the "gaming" case feel with the front LCD, hidden drive bays, and a beautiful side panel."

LG GSA-2166D & GSA-2164D External Super Multi Writers @ Hardware Zone

"According to LG's latest ODD lineup, their external drives hold the premium ground for the moment with the new LG GSA-2166D and GSA-2164D Super Multi DVD Writers. Let us take a quick look at what these new comers have to offer."

AOpen Nouveau B-350B Case Review @ Legit Reviews

"The AOpen Nouveau will be perfect for the average gamer who may do some mild to medium overclocking and is looking for that elegant and clean external look and feel."