RadioShack And Target Let Mobile Partnership Lapse

RadioShack is one of those companies that you have to wonder about. Does it have what it takes to compete in the modern-day landscape of online shopping and major electronic store domination? Do people still need it in the same way they used to? In a strange retail move, RadioShack announced this week the end of its relationship with Target, where it helps operate Target Mobile in 1,500 Target stores. The partnership will officially dissolve on April 8th. The RadioShack and Target partnership provided RadioShack access to manage Target's post-paid mobility business, but RadioShack did not manage the prepaid mobility business or the wider range of accessories offered in Target stores.

Since October 2012, RadioShack had been renegotiating the terms of the relationship with Target to establish an agreement that would be profitable to both companies. Not surprisingly, no new deal was hammered out. It's unclear what this means in the greater sense for RadioShack. Target will obviously be just fine, as it does way more than just sell electronics, but RadioShack seems to need these partnerships to get its face into the eyes of consumers. You have to wonder if RadioShack won't regret this in a few years, but hindsight is one of those things that only serves to bite you after the fact.