Radeon X1900 GT Specs Revealed?

Our buddy Fudo over at The Inquirer has just posted some new information regarding ATI's upcoming Radeon X1900 GT GPU. Apparently, yields for R580 are stellar as the assumed 500MHz core frequency for this GPU is supposedly going to be a stunning 575MHz. In similar fashion, the estimated 1GHz memory frequency is now said to be 1200MHz. Obviously, these boosted frequencies will result in some hefty performance gains. Unfortunately, the cost of this board also increased as the card will sell for $350 instead of the $300 many expected. Time will tell if the ~$300 GeForce 7900GT can leverage the $50 advantage or not. Those looking for more information on the Radeon X1900 GT can reference the table on the bottom of the page over at HKEPC.

We also learned that the card will cost be around ¬/$350. It is meant to compete with Nvidia's Geforce 7900 GT that is selling for around ¬/$300 already. ATI's solution will be more expensive so we are sure it will eventually have to drop the price. This won't be an OEM-only card you will be able to get them in retail. Samples are expected next week and the cards should be anounced and available during the second week of May.


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