R600 Up and Running, And the AIB Partners Like It

The Inquirer is reporting that AMD/ATI have demoed R600 developer cards to their add in board partners, and that the partners were impressed, despite the fact that card was equipped with GDDR3 memory, and not faster GDDR4 memory launch product is rumored to have...

"The AIBs (Add-in Board partners) didn't see the real McCoy as this was a developer's card powered with GDDR3 memory only but it was enough to impress the present lads. The GDDR4 version and the official launch is still scheduled for March time probably shortly before Cebit. The partners are happy with the performance and they are confident that the new baby can make G80 run for its pixels."

We're getting closer to the actual launch every day.  We'll know if all of these rumors turn out to be true soon enough.

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