R580 Pics and Details?

Well, the GPU gods must be smiling down on us all as we wait for 5pm to show up as the Chinease website HKEPC has posted what looks to be the first pics and details of ATI's next generation flagship R580. Fortunately, the folks at X-Bit Labs have pulled the meat from the article and posted their own thoughts in English for your viewing pleasure.

Web-site HKEPC claims that the R580 will be called RADEON X1900-series and the family will consist of the RADEON X1900 XTX, XT and CrossFire Edition models. Later on the RADEON X1900 XL and some other models may show up, according to other sources. The RADEON X1900 XTX, the premium member of the family, will feature the highest clock-speeds, which are claimed to be 650MHz for the visual processing unit (VPU) and 1550MHz for memory. The new chip is proclaimed to be scheduled for January, 24, 2006, introduction.
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