R2-D2 Edition DROID 2 Smartphone Will Surely Sell Out Quick

It was mentioned briefly in the full-on DROID 2 announcement, but Motorola's stock phone won't be the only DROID 2 to ship this year. The smartphone world is quickly becoming overran with variations of "DROID," but there's probably no chance that this one in particular will get overlooked. It's a nerd's dream come true, and it's the perfect phone for any Star Wars or George Lucas fan: it's the DROID R2-D2 edition.

This will be a limited edition phone that is only sold online starting next month, and Verizon nor Motorola is confessing to how many units will be made available. The phone will only operate on Verizon Wireless, and aside from the design and probably a few multi-media add-ins, it's the exact same as the standard DROID 2. The difference that will have everyone talking is the rear. It's designed to share the look and feel of R2-D2 from the famed Star Wars saga, and while it isn't actually shaped like everyone's favorite droid, the colors are unmistakable.

And judging by the teaser page set up at Verizon's DROID DOES website, we suspect this guy will shout "DROID!" in an authentic R2-D2 voice whenever new e-mail or alerts hit your phone. There's also no word on a price or an exact ship date, but you can pretty much bet that these will sell out remarkably quick.