Quick, Read This Before It Gets Hacked

Profits up. Great. Sales skyrocketing. Terrific. Potential for huge international growth continues. That sounds good too. Customer ease of use growing. That sounds wonderful. Too bad we're talking about cybercrime:

At the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco last week, RSA president Art Coviello told the audience that the market for stolen identities has reached $1 billion, according to IDC research, and that malware has risen by a factor of 10 in the last five years, according to the Yankee Group. "The fundamental issue is that we have a law enforcement model that's geographically based, but there's no geography on the Internet," says Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher with DoxPara Research. Says RSnake: "They can't do wiretaps overseas or raid someone's house in Romania without local cooperation. There just isn't enough talent in our federal agencies to keep on top of this efficiently."

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