QUE ProReader To Be Sold At Barnes & Noble, Will The Kindle Stand A Chance?

Can it be? Another e-reader? Yep, afraid so. But we have to say, we're loving the variety and the competition that's surfacing long after the Kindle wrapped the market around its finger, and the all-new QUE proReader is far from traditional. In fact, it's aimed at a different market entirely than the Nook or Kindle, which are both aimed at general consumers.

The proReader is aimed specifically at business users, with a size of 8.5" x 11", unlike most of the personal readers which are around 6" diagonally. The big news today, however, is that the Plastic Logic QUE proReader will be sold in Barnes & Noble stores. That's right, it'll be sold in the same place as the Nook. Now, we just stated that these are aimed at different markets, but still, it shows some courage on B&N's part to offer this for sale right beside its own device, which it will undoubtedly profit more from on an item-by-item basis.

More details are expected when CES 2010 starts next year, but we do know that the book store will be responsible for powering the proReader's e-book market. The big question here is how will Amazon react? With more and more e-readers landed in physical stores, where people can stroll by and actually test them out, will the Kindle begin to lose market share? It's practically impossible to hold and use a Kindle before you buy unless you know someone who owns one. Particularly with a new, cutting-edge technology like e-readers, we're guessing most consumers will appreciate the ability to touch and feel their device before committing to it. Who says the book store is dead?