Qualcomm’s Amazing Snapdragon Concept Car Is A CES 2024 Stunner

hero snapdragon concept vehicle ces 2024
At CES 2024, Qualcomm ushered in what it refers to as “a new era of mobility,” with its stunning concept car, featuring the company’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis technology. The sleek and contemporary concept car showcased the different high tech mobile platforms Qualcomm is bringing to the automotive industry.

Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform

One of the more important aspects of automotive technology has been the ability to connect with other vehicles and smart cities as well. These connections go much further than simply keeping an occupant aware of new text messages or emails, and include higher levels of safety and intelligence through connected services, with celullar 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and satellite connectivity for precise positioning.

Check out our video tour of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis Concept Car

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Auto Connectivity allows for support experiences in and around the vehicle that are designed to be safer, more secure, and always connected. According to the company, it allows users to benefit from a more personal, immersive, and interactive experience that includes multimedia and entertainment. Satellite connectivity, for example, supports two-way messaging for a variety of purposes, such as emergencies or recreation in remote, rural, and offshore locations.

HotTech Principal Analyst and HH Editor In Chief, Dave Altavilla was able to get an up close and personal view of the Snapdragon concept car at CES, and remarked, "Qualcomm's Snapdragon Digital Chassis platform and concept car is an incredible display of the digital transformation of modern vehicles, and an exciting window into the future of connect, intelligent personal transportation"

Snapdragon Cockpit Platform

One part of the new era of mobility in the automotive industry includes innovations to the dashboard. Older analog dashboards are being replaced with digital displays that not only add to the immersive experience, but allow for newer technology, such as AI and cloud connectivity, to seamlessly be added to the interior of the vehicle. The Snapdragon Cockpit Platform offers high performance, low-power platforms that the company say will drive innovative functionality that includes an advanced GPU for “premium visual experiences.”

snapdragon concept car interior dash

The cockpit is designed to support driver and passenger personalization, in-car virtual assistance, and adaptive human-machine interfaces. It features intelligent driving assistance systems that include in-cabin monitoring, and ultra-HD surround view monitoring.

snapdragon concept car backseat view with occupants

The technology brings the ability for lane-level navigation with visual aid positioning to support augmented reality-based navigation systems. It also supports a premium audio experience that includes personalized multi-audio zones that can be customized for each user, crystal-clear-in-car communication, and active and echo cancellation with engine noise suppression capabilities.

Snapdragon Ride Platform

If all of that were not enough, the Snapdragon Ride Platform brings with it a customizable automated driving system-on-chip (SoC) family that helps global automakers and tier-1 suppliers build efficient automated driving solutions. According to Qualcomm, this Snapdragon platform enables rapid development of future-proof automated driving solutions. Along with foundational elements, are AI-based applications, tools and utilities designed to allow developers to build safer, more capable end-to-end solutions.

snapdragon concept car exterior view

The Snapdragon Ride Platform features Snapdragon Ride Vision products that are designed to enable new levels of machine automation. Qualcomm says this allows automakers and tier-1 suppliers to develop powerful, intelligent and efficient designs. The company adds that the Qualcomm Ai Engine, which is comprised of several hardware and software components, accelerates on-device machine learning and computer vision for peak performance, safety and guidance.

A full breakdown of Qualcomm's Snapdragon concept car and all of its innovations can be found on the company's website.