Catch The QuakeCon Live Stream Here: Doom Eternal, Fallout 76 And Elder Scrolls Updates Galore

As QuakeCon slides into day 2, there is plenty that fans of Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, and Elder Scrolls Online will want to catch up on. If you can't be at the show, but want to know what is going on, the live stream will keep you up to date on the new announcements. The schedule for today's QuakeCon panels kicks off at 10 AM CT with a Fallout 76 panel.

doom eternal saw

An hour later, at 11 AM CT, a panel called "Knee Deep in Doom" kicks off. The last set for today starts at 2 PM CT and is the Elder Scrolls Online panel. If you miss any of the content when it is playing live, you can hit up the video below and play the entire conference back.

As for what sort of information each of the panels holds, the Fallout 76 panel promises a deep dive into what's coming next for the game with discussions on upcoming Vaults and the latest updates on the Nuclear Winter expansion. Panelists doling out the information include Jeff Gardiner (Project Lead, Bethesda Game Studios), Tom Mustaine, Co-Studio Director (Bethesda Game Studios), Mark Tardiff (Co-Studio Director, Bethesda Game Studios), Chris Mayer (Development Director, Bethesda Game Studios). Jessica Finster and Anne Lewis host the panel.

The "Knee Deep in Doom" panel includes id Software developers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin and will include a live gameplay demo of Doom Eternal. The Elder Scrolls Online panel will include Game Director Matt Firor and Creative Director Rich Lambert. They will be answering questions for fans in the audience and online. The panel will explore the moments in the game's history that made it what it is today. Other panelists include Matt Firor (Game Director, ZeniMax Online Studios), Rich Lambert (Creative Director, ZeniMax Online Studios). Jessica Folsom and Gina Bruno host the panel.

Earlier this week, QuakeCon keynotes talked about Doom Eternal, and a Steam sale landed for id and Bethesda games. Last month a Doom Eternal tease showed off a very cool enemy players will face.