Quake Champions Closed Beta Registration Opens, Fragtastic Trailer Awaits

Quake Champions

The folks at id Software have been fairly quiet as of late about Quake Champions, its forthcoming arena-style shooter that was unveiled during Bethesda's press conference at last year's E3. However, they're making noise now—there is a new trailer available that teases fast action game play, but even more exciting is that gamers can now sign up for the much anticipated closed beta.

Bethesda says the closed beta will begin sometime in the coming weeks. For anyone who plans on attending PAX East this weekend at the Boston Convention Center, Quake Champions will be playable at the Bethesda booth, giving gamers an early look at what lies ahead. And for those who will not be attending, there is a new website that details the arenas, weapons, and champions.

Quake Champions is the latest title in id Software's long-running Quake series, and the first since Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which came out a decade ago. Judging by the game play footage in the new trailer, Quake Champions will be fast and frenetic. That makes sense, given that it runs at 120Hz with unlocked framerates.

Gamers will have access to assortment of characters, each with specific skills that can be utilized in the arenas. For example, Nyx has an ability called "Ghost Walk" that allows her to become invisible and immune to any damage.

There will also be an assortment of weapons. Ones that are currently listed on Bethesda's new website for Quake Champions include the Heavy Machinegun, Super Nailgun, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Lightning Gun, and Railgun.

Quake Champions is scheduled for release sometime this year. It's not yet clear if it will be a free-to-play or paid title. In the meantime, you can go here to sign up for the closed beta.