Quad-Channel Memory Release Roundup--Corsair, Kingston, and Patriot

Now that the Intel X79 chipset and new Intel Sandy Bridge-E CPUs (socket 2011) are officially a matter of record, seemingly every manufacturer is nearly simultaneously launching products to go along with them. Memory makers are no exception, as the new X79-based motherboards support a ridiculous amount of quad-channel DDR3 system memory. Because there are so many, we decided to wrap these memory announcements up in one tidy package for your reading enjoyment. Let’s go in alphabetical order, shall we?

Corsair announced new kits in its Dominator and Vengeance families. There are five new Dominator kits, and they come with Corsair’s DHX+ heatsink and support Intel XMP1.3 profiles. Available kits consist of four DIMMs and include two 16GB kits (1866MHz and 2133MHz) and two 32GB kits (1600MHz and 1866MHz). There also appears to be a set of four 8GB (2400MHz) modules in the offing.

The new offerings in the Vengeance family are more extensive and built more for overclocking. They include aluminum heat spreaders and support for XMP 1.3 and one-click overclocking. The quad-channel DIMMs come in a 8GB (1600MHz), 16GB (1600MHz), and 32GB (1600MHz and 1866MHz) configurations.

Kingston’s venture consists of a number of quad-channel memory kits in its HyperX Genesis line, all of which are Intel XMP certified. The quad-channel HyperX Genesis modules are available in the following configurations: 8GB (1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz, 2133MHz, and 2400MHz) and 16GB (1600MHz, 1866MHz, and 2133MHz). There is also one 32GB set (of 8 DIMMs as opposed to 4), which is clocked at 1600MHz (pictured).

Not to be left behind, Patriot’s quad-channel offerings build on its Viper Xtreme and Gamer 2 lines. Built for serious performance and overclocking, the Viper Xtreme Division 4 kits have custom copper and aluminum heat shield for optimal heat protection. The Gamer 2 Division 4 modules are a little more budget-friendly and are designed to give gamers a solid price-per-performance option.

Other than the above, there’s very little information available on the Patriot kits, but we do know that the Viper Xtreme DIMMs will offer speeds up to 1866MHz, while the Gamer 2 modules will be up to 1600MHz.

Price-wise, Corsair has some information available; the 16GB (2133MHz) Dominator kit will run you $261.35; it’s $799.99 (holy cow!) for the 32GB (1866MHz) kit; and $146.75 for the 16GB (1866MHz) kit. The Vengeance line’s prices are all over the place, starting at $50.30 for 8GB (1600MHz) and climbing up to $527.65 for 32GB (1866MHz).

The Kingston kits start at $65 for an 8GB (1333MHz) kit and run the gamut of price points up to $318 for the 16GB (2133MHz) kit.

No word on Patriot’s pricing for the quad-channel units just yet.