Qbic 3901a S939 SFF, Thermaltake POLO735 Extreme, and more!

Good evening folks, it's time for another round of news. Coming at you tonight, we have subjects ranging from wireless networks and security, to the Spire Coolwave II, a Heatsink for LGA775 CPUs. Enjoy ;)

Spire Coolwave II (LGA 775 Heatsink) reviewed @ hi-techreviews.com

"...This time around it's the Spire Coolwave II, a very nice looking unit featuring a UV reactive fan and mounting assembly and perhaps one of the securest mounting methods of any 775 heatsink we have tested. So come on along as we take a look at this unit and see just how well it performs under stock conditions and with a 500 MHz overclock."

Soltek Qbic 3901a Socket 939 SFF Review @ Neoseeker

"Even with the extra side fan, the noise level from this thing is still lower than most cases. Whereas cases like the Shuttle would start off really loud and then drop after booting into Windows, the Soltek starts quiet and stays quiet."

Thermaltake POLO 735 Extreme @ Legit Reviews

"Thermaltake, a leader in heatsink technology for PC's has introduced a new cooler for Socket-478, AMD K7, and K8. The POLO-735 Extreme 3 in 1 Cooler is a powerful all copper thin-finned unit. Mated with a powerful 80mm smart-fan, thermistor, and rheostat, all in an ergonomically friendly package..."

A Study of Wireless Networks and Security @ ASE Labs

"The purpose of this report is to compile information on the use of wireless networks in Hoboken. It will attempt to discover where there are insecure wireless networks and to pinpoint them onto a map using standard GPS technology."