Purple Fortnite Edition Xbox One S Console Leaks Ahead Of E3

With the Xbox One platform getting rather long in the tooth and gamers looking forward to the next generation of consoles, the next best thing that Microsoft can do is crank out special models to spark interest. Earlier this month, Microsoft launched the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition which dropped the Blu-ray drive and knocked $50 off the $299 MSRP of the standard console.

xbox one s fornite

Now we're learning that Microsoft has a new Fortnite-themed Xbox One S console that will soon be arriving in stores. Microsoft has traditionally reserved its special colors and graphics for its pricier Xbox One X, so it's nice to see that Microsoft is paying some attention to those that want a cheaper system.

In this case, the Fortnite Xbox One S 1TB console is dolled up in what looks to be two shades of purple and comes with a purple wireless controller. Other niceties found in the package include a free month of Xbox Live Gold, a Dark Vertex skin, and 2,000 V-bucks. At this point, neither Microsoft nor Epic Games has provided any confirmation of this upcoming console, but WinFuture has a pretty good track record with these kinds of things. After all, it did tip us off to images of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition before it was officially announced.

Looking to the future, the successor to the Xbox One S/Xbox One X is likely to be powered by a 7nm AMD Ryzen 3000 Zen 2 CPU and a Radeon Navi GPU. Both bits of hardware have already been confirmed for the next-generation Sony PlayStation 5