PSP Skype Launches with Firmware 3.90

For those of you skinnies, meaning owners of PSP-2000s, Skype for the PSP has arrived.  For you fatties, sorry.  The program needs the extra memory of the PSP-2000.

As well as enabling free calls between users, Skype will allow PSP owners to send and receive voice and text messages, and make paid for calls to landlines and mobile phones.

“PSP can now claim to be a highly cost effective and accessible portable communications device, alongside its entertainment credentials,” says Sony.

Users planning to access Skype will need to upgrade their PSP to firmware version 3.90, register, and will require a headset and remote control.

Japan's launch of Skye for the PSP has been delayed, as the microphones didn't meet Skype's certification requirements. 

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