PS5 Pro Is Coming With A Hefty GPU Boost And A Focus On Ray-Traced Gaming

ps5 stylized shot
Sony's PlayStation 5 came during an intense time for electronics, where it remained sold out due to demand for what seemed like an eternity. Now that the dust has settled, the PS5 is panning out to be one of the most significant consoles of recent generations. That only means that Sony is more than willing to give it a nice update in the form of a PlayStation 5 Pro model. 

Sony is supposedly getting developers to turn their attention to the new PS5 Pro console, which should bring some significant GPU upgrades. While the CPU is reportedly only modestly better, the GPU is where most of the grunt is coming from. Sony wants to focus more heavily on ray tracing, which is historically very taxing on graphics cards. With various upscaling methods such as FSR on AMD GPUs, and DLSS on NVIDIA GPUs, that performance penalty can be mitigated. 

Sony has its own custom PSSR upscaling, or PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution. This tool will help developers stay within acceptable performance limits when pushing the envelope with graphics capabilities. 


The original PS5 came out in November of 2020, so the system is certainly due for an upgrade. Games have been taking more advantage of ray tracing to visually impress gamers, especially on the PC. Since consoles and PCs have more overlap than ever in gaming titles of today, it makes sense that Sony wishes to explore ray tracing as well. 

According to Sony (allegedly), the PS5 Pro's GPU can be as much as 45% faster than the existing PS5. That is significant, as the current console typically performs well in current games. Improvements in the GPU architecture itself add to the benefits, along with faster system memory. Ray tracing is very VRAM intensive, as we've found out on PC gaming hardware. Sony reportedly is aiming for around a 28% increase in memory bandwidth. 

The improvements in the PS5 Pro, codenamed Trinity, don't stop at just ray tracing. With the more powerful GPU, this also means that many titles will benefit from overall improved textures, framerates, and resolutions. Such details are often in the realm of PC gaming, where more capable hardware can more easily handle more demanding gaming workloads. 

The new GPU will certainly close the gap between console performance and gaming PCs, with ease of use gamers expect on consoles. With discreet GPU pricing higher than many gamers are willing to spend, a powerful PS5 Pro will certainly turn a lot of heads. The Xbox consoles have not been nearly as popular, but they are even more closely connected with gaming PCs. 

According to The Verge, which says it received a full list of specs from sources familiar with Sony's plans, it is also expected that PS5 Pro's enhanced titles will be introduced to take advantage of the better specs on hand. A release is likely expected sometime later in 2024, with an unknown price as of now.