Don’t Get Banned By Sony For Trying To Buy A PlayStation 5 PS Plus Game Collection

playstation plus collection
Yesterday, thousands of PlayStation accounts were banned, primarily in Hong Kong, in what has been dubbed the “SIE Thanksgiving Day Massacre.”  Initially these accounts did not have an obvious reason for being banned, but ultimately it was found that they all had a recent receipt for Sony’s PlayStation Plus Collection in common. Sony's PlayStation Plus Collection is meant for new PlayStation 5 owners looking to score some great PS4 games as part of their new subscription.

The PlayStation Plus Collection is a group of 20 PS4 games given out to PS5 owners who are part of the PlayStation Plus subscription. The collection includes games such as Battlefield 1, God of War, Fallout 4, and others, making it a pretty nice deal for PS5 owners looking to bolster their assortment of games. It would also be a pretty nice deal for PS4 owners who did not own a PS5 and did not want to pay the money for these games. That motivation seems to be why some PS5 owners found a loophole in the system, which allowed any PS4 account to gain access to the 20 games being offered.

In essence, PlayStation 5 owners could let another account sign into their PS5, so that account could get access to the 20 games through the PS Plus Collection. While this may not have been a big deal if it were just between friends and family, some users were charging others up to $8 to do a game transfer and profiting off the loophole.
ps5 ebay loophole
Right now, Sony has not officially responded to any of the complaints about account bans or made any official statement about the loophole. For the banned accounts, it appears that PS4 users who bought the games got up to a 2-month ban, whereas some PS5 accounts that were selling the games have reportedly received permanent bans. Perhaps trying to cheat Sony is not the best way to get new games, as it could end up ruining your holiday gaming season.